Well Balanced

You may inherit good genes and maintain wellness in your daily life.
This type is a model of body, mind and soul in harmony.

Features of well balanced type:

  1. You’re overall looking fit, energetic.
  2. The skin is shiny, the hair is dense and shiny, and the eyes are lively.
  3. Easygoing and cheerful personality. Flexible and resistant.
  4. Rarely get sick, or minor illnesses heal quickly.
  5. Eat and sleep well.

Potential diseases


How to maintain your well being:

  1. Eat well with various grains, with meat and vegetables, choose local and seasonal food.
  2. Maintain regular and moderate exercise. It’s not about the amount of physical activity but about the regularity that allows the blood to flow smoothly.
  3. Sleeping before 11 pm is essential.
  4. Every day, arrange some peace and tranquillity time for body and mind to rest.
  5. 5.A joyful heart is good medicine.




  1. 体型匀称健壮, 面色红润,皮肤有光泽,头发稠密有光泽。
  2. 精力充沛,目光有神,睡眠良好。
  3. 性格随和开朗,对外界环境变化适应快。
  4. 脏腑功能强健壮实,消化功能良好。
  5. 很少生病,或者小病很快痊愈。



  1. “五谷为养,五果为助,五畜为益,五菜为充”,荤素搭配,选择当地,当季出产的食物为主。
  2. 保持有规律的适度运动。不在于运动量,在于持续的规律,让气血得以通畅。
  3. 晚上11点前睡觉是底线。子夜是养阳的最佳时机。
  4. 喜乐的心是良药。每天有平静安宁,让身心灵休整的时间。
  5. 建议选用养生茶和营养食品。

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