According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory:

● Body type is influenced by genetic and acquired factors;

● There are usually ten different body types;

● Individuals may have a combination of different types;

● Identifying your body type can assist in preventing chronic disease;

● It is highly recommended to regularly check-up with TCM practitioner every 3 to 6 months.


● 每个人的体型都受遗传和后天因素的影响。

● 通常有十种不同的身体类型。

● 每个人可能具有不同类型的组合。

● 身体类型可能会随着季节或者个人的生活方式而变化。

● 确定自己的体型可以预防慢性病。

● 建议每3至6个月与您的职业中医师进行一次沟通和检查。

Please answer the questions based on your last 3 months' conditions.

Suitable for ages between 18 to 70 years old. Not recommended for the pregnant woman.