Essential Qing Fei Pai Du Tang ( Herbal Granule) 清肺排毒汤 ( 免煎颗粒)

Qing Fei Pai Du Tang Granule  70g| 140g

Ingredients: HuoXiangZhengQiSan, YinQiaoJieDuSan,  DangShen

Use for general wellbeing,  each time 5g,  twice per day. ( measurement spoon provided)

Treatment dosage required consultation with a Chinese Medicine practitioner.



Use for general wellbeing; assist detox.

You must consult your health practitioner before your purchasing the herbal packs.  Chinese Herb Medicine Practitioner regulated by AHPRA ( Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).

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清肺排毒汤 – 免煎浓缩中药颗粒

成分:藿香正气散, 银翘解毒散, 党参

保健用每天2次,每次5克 ( 附送小药勺)


70g, 140g


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