Herb Granule 浓缩免煎中药颗粒

Si Shen Tang| Ba Zheng Tang | Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang | Si Jun Zi Tang | Siwu Tang | Shiquan Dabu Tang | Liuwei Dihuang | Shenling Baizhu San | Huoxiang Zhengqi | Xiaoyao San | Jiawei Xiaoyao San | Qiju Dihuang | Shengmai San
四神汤|八珍汤 | 补中益气汤 | 四君子汤 | 四物汤 | 十全大补汤 |六味地黄丸 | 参苓白术散 |藿香正气|逍遥散 | 加味逍遥散 | 杞菊地黄丸 |生脉散

We only use premium qualified herb granules.
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Concentrated granules. Request Chinese Medicine Practitioner consultation.
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100g, 200g


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