Dang Gui / Chinese Angelica Root / 当归片

200g pack
200克 当归片

Taste: Sweet,Acrid,Bitter

Each herb has its remedy benefit and safety concerns, consult a Chinese Medicine Practitioner for your correct use before purchasing.


Use: Tonifies the Blood and regulates the menses.  Blood Deficiency, especially when affecting the Heart and Liver with pale, ashen complexion, etc.

Invigorates and harmonizes the Blood and disperses Cold (stops pain due to Blood Stasis)


作用: 补血活血,调经止痛,润肠通便。当归药材,并非人人皆宜。个人的正确食疗功效与配搭请咨询专业中医师。

常用方法: 炖汤。使用前用清水冲洗。

贮存方法 : 原条放入密封的保鲜盒,置於阴凉乾爽的地方。已切片的,放入冰箱贮存。


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