Essential Children Wellbeing Herbs (raw herb) 清肺排毒儿童方 (草药)

Children Well being Herb ( Raw Herb)

Ingredients: TaiZiShen, FuLing , DanZhuYe, MaiYa, ShanZha , DengXingHua , GouTeng , YiYiRen , LuoHanGuo

Direction: Take one pack per day, add water and decoct to make about 600ml herb drink, take it 2-3 times warmly.

Herbs have the remedy benefit and safety concerns, consult a Chinese Medicine Practitioner for your correct use and dosage before purchasing.



You must consult your health practitioner before your purchasing the herbal packs. Chinese Herb Medicine Practitioner regulated by AHPRA ( Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).
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成分:太子参, 茯苓, 淡竹叶,麦芽,山楂 , 灯芯花 , 钩藤 , 薏苡仁 , 罗汉果

每天一付。加水煮成约600ml, 2-3次服用,温服。3付或5付一个疗程。

儿童的疗程服用请咨询专业中医师  。



3 packs, 5 packs


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