Ba Zhen Gao granule (general type) 八珍糕颗粒 (成人调理通用型)


Dang Shen, Mai Ya, Shan Zha, Qian Shi, Fu Ling, Shan Yao, Yi Yi Ren, Bai Lian Zi

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Use for general wellbeing and assist weight management.
Not suitable for the following people.
(1) Pregnant women
(2) Acid reflux.
(3) Allergic to the ingredients
(4)High blood sugar
(5) people caught cold or fever
Recommend not to take cold, high sugar or high-fat food while using this herb.

It is said that the inventor of Bazhen Cake is Chen Shigong, a famous surgeon in the Ming Dynasty hundreds of years ago. It has become popular over the centuries. Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty and Empress Cixi often served Ba Zhen Cakes. Ba Zhen Cake is named the cake of longevity, which is “the best nutritious cake in a thousand years”.

It is a challenging and time-consuming job for ordinary families to sift the ground powder. The raw materials of Ba Zhen Cake, made with a traditional formula of quality concentrated herb granule. It can be used to make traditional Ba Zhen Cakes, put into breakfast porridge every day, make pancakes (savoury or sweet), adds meat filling, or add daily cooking food. Easy to take.


成分:党参, 麦芽,山楂, 芡实,茯苓, 山药, 薏苡仁, 白莲子



研磨药粉过筛对普通家庭有很大难度。这款用浓缩免煎中药颗粒合理配方的八珍糕原材料可以用来做传统的八珍糕, 也可以每天放入早餐粥, 或做薄饼,加入肉馅,或随意加入每日烹调食物。服用方便。效果显著。

(2) 胃反酸



120g, 210g


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