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Frequently Asked Question!

Do the well-being test first. If your test result shows a combination body type, please make an appointment with a qualified Chinese Medicine Practitioner to decide the best tea to improve your sleeping.


Generally, it depends on the actual prescription and your condition. For example, JinYinHua may be good for your condition for a short period of time, but it may be not suitable for your long time use. 

Generally, it depends on the actual herb and your condition, the suitable herb selected depending on the individual needs. For example, Angelica DangGui may be ideal for one girl to help regulate the period, but it may not be suitable for another girl. Because Angelica DangGui has estrogen-activating ingredients, it may not be suitable for someone who has already been diagnosed with gynecological diseases or has abnormal menstrual periods, such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis. 

Generally, it depends on your condition. For example, the non-chronic ailment may take 1 to 3 weeks; and the chronic illness may take 8 to 10 weeks to show improvement. 

Ask our friendly staff, and we will provide you with the herb pill or herb capsule option, which you could swallow. 

Chinese Medicine follows the principle which human beings should be in harmony with nature. Therefore, we recommend you see the practitioner when the season changes. For example, there are some suitable herbs to improve general well-being when spring comes, and it may change when summer comes.